How to juice with the champion

How to juice with the champion

Behold, your champion juicer.

This is what I will be juicing today. Carrots, cabbage, collard greens, garlic, jalapeño, Serrano, celery, apple, ginger, radishes, & cilantro.

Your ingredients may vary. I usually buy whatever produce looks best at my local market.

If you are new to juicing I suggest doing some research on the benefits of different produce and how they affect the body. Start with only a few ingredients, see how it feels and work up from there.

I juice about 5 days a week. It replaces anything I would normally eat all day. I juice anywhere from morning to mid day which keeps me sustained until a healthy dinner in the evening.

The celery is mainly used for increasing juice yield. The strands in the celery stalk wrap around the blade which helps the blade get more juice out of the rest of your produce so RUN IT THROUGH FIRST

Prep your produce before you begin.


Now prep your juicer. Set up your bowls, plug it in, etc.

Make sure you've got everything before you start juicing!

Turn it on!

If you have celery, begin with it.

Push it through...

Now I start pushing the collards, cabbage and cilantro through.

It's magic.



Here comes the pulp...

I always juice everything but the apples and carrots. I then juice apples and then carrots last. That order has worked best for me and my juicer :)

You will end up with something like this.

Before you turn off your juicer take a handful of pulp and push it through. This will push the last bit of your veggies through. I usually do this twice.


Now it's time to give it a good mix.

Like so...

Back in the glass...

ATTENTION: THERE IS NO SHELF LIFE!!! No it won't go bad right away but the point of juicing is to get LIVE enzymes in your body. After about 7 minutes these enzymes begin to die.

YOU WANT TO GET THE JUICE INTO YOUR BODY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Do not juice more than what you will drink right then and there.

Really I can't stress this enough. THE POINT IS TO FEED YOUR BODY SOMETHING ALIVE. Please do not sip on the glass for an hour or stick it in the fridge for later, it's only a waste.


All done!!

Dispose of your pulp.

Take apart your juicer for cleaning.

Rinse off all pulp

Note, it's best not to leave your blade submerged in water for any length of time.

Once your champion is all clean, reassemble it so its ready for next time!

Any questions just ask :) THANKS!

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