How to make aglio e olio from scratch

How to make aglio e olio from scratch

So I know that it's like 'real' to do the mixing on the table but I don't care. I do it in a bowl. Combine the chilies & chopped parsley with the durum, make a well, add the eggs and mix with a fork.

Once it gets to this stage, I wet my hands and then ball it together and knead the moisture in. It should be firm and shiny but not tough and brassy. Keep it together, Yo.

This is the fun part!!! You get to crank the dough through the machine a whole bunch. Do it in batches of about 1/3 at a time. Keep the remaining dough covered in the bowl with a damp cloth.

If the pasta maker won't 'take' the dough and/or it crumbles, it's too dry. Wet your hands and knead it before trying again. If it sticks to the rollers, it's too wet, dust the ball with durum, knead.

Pass 1/3 of the dough through the machine 5-6 times on the widest setting, folding it back onto itself each time. Then you can pass it thru thinner settings to reach desired, uh, thickness? Thinness.

I just used a coat hanger to hold the sheets of pasta away from themselves and each other while I was working so they wouldn't stick together. Work quickly so they don't dry out too much while u work.

Cut into fettuccine and hung out to dry.

The ingredients for dressing the pasta: anchovy and garlic, capers (soaking as they were packed in salt), sundried tomatoes, parsley and cheese. Start heating the oil once the pasta water is boiling.

Heat oil to medium high. Add anchovy and break up with tongs. Add garlic and fry until it begins to brown. Then add capers and tomatoes. Add 1/3 cup of pasta cooking water to the pan to deglaze.

Pasta cooks in salted water in about a minute or until it floats. Drain and add to the pan. Toss in the grated cheese.

Incorporate the other ingredients and turn the heat up for 30 seconds to finish.

Serve immediately dressed with a good olive oil and chopped Italian flatleaf parsley and eat! Eat!

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