How to make quick and awesome sesame chocolate cookies

How to make quick and awesome sesame chocolate cookies

I love sesame cookies and I'm addicted to chocolate, so I combined the two and it turned out surprisingly nice! And the best part, you only need 15 minutes to make them!!

The first step: put on some inspirational music (and pour yourself something nice to drink) :)

Gather supplies

Melt sugar and honey in a small pan, sorry I forgot to make a picture!! You can vary the quantity of these ingredients to your liking.

It should look a little bit like this. (I put half aside for 'normal' sesame cookies.)

Melt chocolate. I took the easy way and put it in the microwave. Since I'm a chocolate addict, I used 86% dark chocolate. If you're not that picky you can choose a less expensive kind.

While you are working on the chocolate and sugar mixture, roast the seeds in a frying pan (lightly)

Mix chocolate and sugar mixture together. As you can see, a chopstick is my favorite kitchen equipment ;)

Make sure it is a nice and smooth mixture.

Add sesame seeds into the mixture.

And stir your chopstick again!

Put a sheet of baking paper down and gently poor the mixture on. (Sorry no pic ;))

Put another sheet on top.

Get your rolling pin and role! I don't have one so I used a thermos :)

Straighten out to at least 0,5cm, but a bit thinner if you can.

Put in the fridge to harden (I had it in for about 25 minutes).

Cut the enormous cookie on the sheet. (You can take it out a bit earlier for easy cutting and then put it back in the fridge before you remove them from the paper)

Et Voilà!! Enjoy! For the normal cookies: Repeat recipe , but leave out chocolate! (I tend to find these a bit sweet and extremely sticky, going to find a way to fix this!!)

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