How to make pepperoni rolls

How to make pepperoni rolls

I like to use a disposable cookie sheet. Spray well with some Pam

Place 6 rows of frozen dinner rolls 4 each across, with some room to raise

Cover with plastic wrap and let raise somewhere warm. Make sure they don't over proof! Only let them raise enough that they aren't cold all thru the dough

Once they've raised to nearly touching, get your pepperoni ready to stuff the rolls

I use sliced pepperoni, but sometimes get turkey pepperoni for a healthier alternative

How I stuff the rolls: use a few slices, and place in the middle of a slightly flattened roll

Fold over two sides of rolls

Then fold up remaining ends to close up roll

Roll up all dough and place back on sheet leaving enough room to raise while baking

Melt about 2 TB butter. Use a brush to glaze the rolls with butter

Brush liberally every roll

Then (with a heavy hand) sprinkle lots of garlic salt. NOT GARLIC POWDER. This is not interchangeable. Bake at 350, for about 20 minutes

And there you have a perfect after school that packs well, makes lots and is simple and easy and always a crowd pleaser. Enjoy!

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