How to create your own handmade links for jewelry

How to create your own handmade links for jewelry

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Supplies: soft metal string; parallel pole (in the size you want the links to be); cutter; scotch tape; small hacksow.

You cut the metal string in the size you want (prefers minimum 8 sm.)

You take the parallel pole

You wind around the metal string on the pole- make sure to make it tight and close!

Like this! (closer and tighter is even better!)

Pull the warped string from the pole

Wrap it with scotch tape

Take the small hacksaw and place it on the tube that we made and start moving your hands in opposite direction (when one hand is moving up- the second hand is moving down and vice versa).

Now your tube became separate links

You put it out of the scotch tape and there you have your very own handmade links for jewelry making!!!

This is what you can do with your links! Enjoy!

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