How to make a proper croque monsieur

How to make a proper croque monsieur

Cheese sauce ingredients.

Shaved ham

Sourdough bread.

Heat milk

Ok, cheese sauce time, add a nice knob off butter, about 50-70g

Then melt it on a medium heat.

Add enough flour till it comes together.

Till it looks like this.

Start to add the warmed milk, a little at a time and stir

Add some more

Until it looks like this!

Grate some nutmeg into the white sauce

Just like this:)

Grate the gruyere cheese

Just like this, the finer it is the easier it will melt in the white sauce.

Get a nice dollop (love that word) of Dijon

Add to the sauce

Add gruyere cheese

Add salt to taste

Add pepper

Add Worcester sauce and taste, don't go too crazy, just add enough till it tastes awesome!

Drink wine and preheat your oven to 170-180c

Line a tray with grease proof paper

Slice on the angle 4 nice slices off sourdough

Start spreading on the cheese sauce

Like this

Add ham and season

Close le Croque

Nice huh!

Add another knob/chunk of butter to a pan

And melt until it goes quiet

Add the Croque Monsieur's till they are nice and browned on both sides

Like this

Place on tray

Splodge on the very tasty cheese sauce

Add more fattening gruyere cheese

Bake in oven for about 12-18 minutes then grill/broil till they look like this

Cut in half and let the calories kick in!

Finish and drink more wine!!!

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