How to make a cottage shepherds pie

How to make a cottage shepherds pie

Peel onions


I just use my wok

Add some oil

Lamb mince

2 packets of beef mince

Fry onions

Add a bit of mushrooms

Once onions are soft add mince


Peel potatoes

Some of this if you can find it If not make your own just some gravy prouder salt pepper some herbs and spices

Mix with water


Keep stirring

Add Mixture

Add mixed veggies


Boil potatoes

Have some friend over waiting for dinner ... Not long now

Mash potatoes with some milk butter salt and pepper

Till smooth

Place mince in oven dishes

Add mince

Keep aside some of the boiled potatoes and sweet potato and crumble on top to get that rustic look

Like so

Bake till golden brown

Garlic bread on the side

And some salad


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