How to make a portioned controlled egg & veggie quiche

How to make a portioned controlled egg & veggie quiche

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Your ingredients

Set oven to 350

Crack one egg white for each section.

Mix and defrost veggies in a bowl. These come PRE cut in the frozen section at the supermarket.

Fork some veggies into each container. As many or as little as you want

Sprinkle some reduced fat feta cheese! I went a Lil overboard here, I do love my feta. But no need for salt or pepper. ;)

Bake for just 15 minutes!!! And.....

Whaaaa-llllaaaahhh! Portioned controlled egg and veggie quiches. About 100 calories per quiche. Women eat 4, men eat 6 for breakfast or snack! Any time of the day!!

Don't have a muffin pan? No problem! Use a pan. Cook eggs first then add the rest!! You can't go wrong here!!! This is on our weekly menu list!

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