How to create a galaxy of stardust nails

How to create a galaxy of stardust nails

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I will be using varieties of Blues, Blacks, and other glittery polishes

First, start off with clean, dry nails

I'm using this sparkly black nail polish as the base coat

Finished coat (starry sky)

Then taking this deep blue color, I will use a soft makeup sponge to dab lightly over my base coat to give a nice gradient finish.

Don't worry about messing up, you can always clean up the edges in the end

Next I will use these glittery nail polishes to create a nice stream of stars

Close-up look in the sunlight

Using this yellow, I will use a sponge to create big flows of bright stardust,

Be creative! Create objects such as planets, moons, comets, etc.

The finished look. I love its simplicity and depth, be sure to also add a top coat to protect your design and clean up any mistakes. Xoxo

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