How to make floral arrangement (sympathy) under $60

How to make floral arrangement (sympathy) under $60

Gather supplies

Place foam pieces together put long wood sick in the middle for support. Hot glue all the seams.

Cut the stem of the flowers and add to your liking. I eventually took off the green things sticking out. This was the first one I ever made so it took some trial and error.

Continue adding flowers and longer stem flowers as you move up the arrangement.

If you want add some accent color flowers to the middle of the arrangement and add ribbon and other accessories. Hot glue everything to the 10th power :-)

Have enough flowers when you start, I ran out so I had to finish up the next day :-)

Write a message on the ribbon with tulip paint if you wish. Glue these items to the back of the arrangement. It will be on a stand so no one will see the back. You can also glue fabric to the back.

This is the end product.

I added a ribbon at the funeral parlor. Give it to your loved ones.Floral arrangements are very expensive. This arrangement was about three feet tall and could have also been used as the casket spray.

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