How to make a bird w/ ribbon - origami

How to make a bird w/ ribbon - origami

Lengths are approximated (personal choice). Ribbons are very curly so consider using scotch tape for 1st try.

2 strips of 14" standard ribbon. I used 2 colors for easier guidance.

Fold one end 1.5", which becomes the wings.

Cut lengthwise into 4 equal strips but stop at wing fold.

Should look like this.

This is TOP of bird & the LEFT wing. Fold left 2 strips diagonally & interlace as shown. Notice label 1 (non-folded strip is on top of folded strip).

This will be the RIGHT wing. Fold right 2 strips diagonally & interlace as shown. Label 2 MUST interlace opposite of label 1 (folded strip is on top of non-folded strip).

What you should have so far for side-by-side comparison.

Now interlace the 4 strips on top & bottom. Won't interlace if 1&2 are not interlaced in opposite.

Flip to the BACK. Note label 3 is pink on top of blue.

Interlace top 4 strips (label 4 MUST be same as 3, pink still on top of blue).

Repeat same rule for bottom 4 strips.

Then interlace the 4 strips on both sides shown in 5&6.

Note the top 2 blue strips and label 7&8.

Interlace the 2 strips through 7&8. This brings the strips toward the center. Repeat same rule for remaining 6 strips.

What it looks like so far.

Remove any tape & pull excess lengths gently to form the body.

Forming the HEAD, gather all strips & knot. Ends need to point downward, NOT up.

Should look like this. Scotch tape strips together after knot.

Angle cut creates beak.

Should look like this.

Completed BACK. Options: Run tail strips along edge of scissors to increase curls. Cut 4 strips in 1/2 lengthwise to create 8 for fuller coverage.

Completed TOP. Enjoy!

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