How to fix netbook screen

How to fix netbook screen

If your netbook screen got broken, don't worry.

Remove the cap

Remove battery and disconnect power.

Remove the 2 screws in the bottom.

Slowly remove the case. Be very gentle.

After removing the housing, your netbook will look as shown in the picture.

Now. Remove the 4 side screws.

Very gently remove the video chord and disconnect the broken screen.

You can get a new screen for less than $40 from eBay.

Now let us connect the new screen.

Carefully secure the video chord to the new screen.

Now carefully test your connection. Hold the screen so it does not fall off.

Now attach power to test your connection. Be careful as the screen is not secured yet.

Now secure the side screws.

Remove the screen protection. Now secure the housing case.

Now secure the bottom screws.

Attach battery

Attach power chord and we are done.

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