How to make paper snowflake art

How to make paper snowflake art

In this guide you will learn how to make this.I made this one a long time ago so it's not as pretty.

First gather your materials.You don't need the coloring tools if you use construction paper.You can use them if you want to decorate it afterwards though.

Sorry the crayons aren't that nice.

First take your piece of construction paper and fold it in half.

Next fold it in half again like the picture.

Next you can cut triangles and other shapes.It looks better if you cut irregular shapes.

When your done cutting around the edges.It should look a little like this.

Now you can open it up.It looks cool right!

If you used the plain white paper you can color it now.

These are the finishing products.I hope you like what you made.

Thank you for watching .If you can please like this guide.

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