How to make healthy protein waffles or pancakes

How to make healthy protein waffles or pancakes

Ingredients! Go organic when you can!! All of this you can find in your grocery store. Except for the Proffeine. I am a vendor of this product. Contact me for more info.

Mix all DRY ingredients first. Oat flour, protein powder, baking soda, and sea salt

Mix in egg whites, yogurt and stevia in the raw...

To a good consistency.

Finally add the cinnamon and vanilla extract.

Mix well again!

Plug in and spray your waffle maker. If you don't have one, use a pan and make then as pancakes:)

Pour about 1/4 cup in the center of the waffle maker or 1/3 cup in the pan if you are making pancakes. It will spread and rise. Don't over pour!!!

Close, flip and wait for the light!!! Pancakes- let sit on low to medium heat for 4-5 minutes then flip carefully.. Repeat other side

Whallah!! 3-5 min later you got protein waffles! No need for syrup. But a side of blueberries makes this an amazing meal or snack. Women eat half. Men eat whole.

Watch the video: Healthy Chicken and Protein Waffles Recipe!