How to slap (bass)

How to slap (bass)

First, Make sure your bass is tuned...The standard tuning for a 4-string bass is E A D G ( E being the thickest string or the top one if you will).

This would be the proper starting position for a slap riff

Slapping consists of 2 steps: The slap(thumb) and the pluck(index or other).

For the slap:

To get the resonating sound you should extend your thumb like so(only in the beggining) and the joint of your thumb should hit the string

Like so:)

To proparly use your thumb you should practice on hitting the E string and making it resonate each time. Like so:

For the pluck:

Your index(or prefered finger) should be placed under the string (but not to much) and will be moved in a upwards direction:)

To practice your pluck place both your third and index finger respectively under the G and D strings and pluck!Like so:

Now put the together!!

That was a short slap lesson! Thanks for watching:) ( and yes i know i do a weired thing with my mouth when i play-_-)

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