How to make snow cream

How to make snow cream

If you live in the south, you know that snow days are few and far between. We put out empty bowls to catch fresh snow!

DISCLAIMER: NEVER eat yellow snow! Place your snow catching bowls in a safe and secure location away from any animals!

When your bowls are filled with snow, dump the snow from all bowls into one large bowl.

Add just a little bit of milk (as in "a tablespoon or two at a time").

You want to be able to stir the snow, but not have it too mushy. Remember, the snow will melt as you make this because your house is warm!

You want it the consistency of ice cream, not too slushy.

Pour in a little vanilla extract, about 1-2 teaspoons.

Add a couple of spoonfuls of sugar to desired taste.

Stir well to blend.

Now the fun part! Add some candy sprinkles!


Pour snow cream in a small bowl and top with a few more sprinkles. Serve and enjoy!

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