How to use ipad for nyucsc assessments

How to use ipad for nyucsc assessments

Open your alert email and note which patients need to be assessed. The email contains Secure ID, a list of needed forms, and instructions.

When you get your family from the waiting room, ask the front desk staff to sign out an iPad for you.

The iPads are locked in a cabinet behind the front desk. Please be sure that front desk staff members fully complete the sign out sheet.

Press the home button on the front of the iPad and swipe to unlock. If asked, enter the security code: 5555. If the iPad is turned off, press and hold the lock button on its top edge.

The home screen has shortcuts for each form. Tap on the first patient form listed in your alert email.

Each form will open in a separate browser tab. You can close tabs that were left open by tapping the "x" on that tab.

Press the home button to return to the home screen and open the next form listed. Do this for each form listed in your email, including the age-appropriate SDQ.

Enter the Secure ID and your name. Tap on each browser tab to enter this info for every open form.

Explain the project to your family. Instruct them to provide ratings by tapping on the appropriate boxes.

When a form is submitted you will see this confirmation screen. Raters must tap the next browser tab to fill out the next form until all are completed.

After your session, close the completed browser tabs by tapping on the X. If you have time before your next appointment, complete your ratings on the iPad.

Return the iPad to the front desk AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If reception is busy, sign it back in and secure it.

If you weren't able to submit your ratings on the iPad before returning it, click on the form links in your alert email and complete them on your desktop PC or web-enabled phone or tablet.

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