How to eat beets? how about beet-yoghurt!

How to eat beets? how about beet-yoghurt!

Beets, yoghurt, salt and pepper, and a medium grater. Sounds too simple huh?

Strain juice and dump the beets into you dish. One day when you learn to love beets you will sip this juice like wine. Grate the beets. Sliced beets seem to grate faster, but whole beets are easy too.

When you are done, you end up with a beautiful bloody mess. Breathe in the hints of soil and earth!

Fold in yoghurt and add salt and pepper to taste.

And we are done! Works really well with Indian take-out as a side, or as a between-meal snack, but the best way to enjoy this is as comfort food in front of a really bad reality TV show. Enjoy.

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