How to make super-quick mushroom tagliatelle

How to make super-quick mushroom tagliatelle

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Attention: To make this "super-quick" (about 20min) I do not measure anything! Clean and cut your mushrooms in quarts. Onion in rings and spring onion in rings.

Set up water to boil your noodels of choice.

Melt about 1 TBS of butter

Add mushrooms and onions to lightly brown them a little.

This is what we're looking for!

These are our key ingrediences: Cream and white wine. Remember it gets better, the more you add!

Add wine and let reduce a little

Add cream...

...and salt, pepper, stock powder and sauce thickener.

This is the consisty we're looking for after a few minutes of cooking. Taste it and maybe add more salt, pepper, stock or wine.

Add chopped spring onion and let cook 2-3 min more.

Drain your pasta.

Immediately combine sauce and pasta on your favorite plate and ENJOY!!!

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