How to share quizzes with infuselearning

How to share quizzes with infuselearning

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Login to InfuseLearning Teacher Dashboard. For help with Login see: How to Get Started with InfuseLearning SnapGuide

Select the "My Quizzes" button

Select the "Share" button.

Sharing quiz options include via: Link (which can be copied and pasted anywhere you want to share it), Email a colleague, Tweet it, Post it or Pin it. Whatever way you prefer.

Email Sharing: Simply input email address, personalize message (optional) and "Send Mail". User will receive email with link to shared quiz.

Facebook: Share Link via Facebook

Twitter: Tweet quiz to your followers, PLCs, etc.

Pinterest: Share your quiz via Pinterest! Curate shared quizzes or your own.

New quizzes shared with you will appear in your Quiz Manager (with a blue dot signifying a new quiz).

For more info and resources connect with us: via twitter @infuselearning, like us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest, plus us on Google +, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Watch the video: How to use Quizizz to make quiz and share it with link or code


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