How to do an aerial

How to do an aerial

To do an aerial, you should be able to do a cartwheel on both sides.

Also it helps if you can do a one handed cartwheel.

Your good cartwheel side is also going to be your good aerial side. This means that you will hurdle that leg. For example I do my aerial to the left which means that I will hurdle with my left leg.

When you first start aerials you are going to need a lot of runs. This picture is showing my last step before the hurdle.

This is a hurdle . Practice jumping really high to get more power while you are still learning. Eventually you won't need a big hurdle.

This is the step after your hurdle where you will begin to drive your back leg, beginning the aerial.

Try this exercise to get the feel of driving your back leg. Bend the supporting leg and kick up your back leg *** in the picture I should of kicked the other leg because I am a lefty. Sorry!

This is what it will look like when you lower your chest after your back leg pushes off.

Push off of that leg and don't put your hands down!

Don't give up if you can't do it right away. You can also take a private gymnastics ,dance, or cheer lesson to help you get this skill.

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