How to do a track workout

How to do a track workout

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Most community colleges or local high schools have a track that is available to the public you may want to check for hours.

Warm up around track four-six times at easy pace. If it's a cool or chilly morning you want to do this with additional clothing to keep your core temperature warm.

After warm up do a series of Dynamic Stretches.

Each movement in a dynamic stretch is controlled and requires more coordination than static stretching due to the repetitious motion. These rhythmical movement will help with coordination and balance.

Dynamic stretching should be smooth and intentional, while gradually increasing the range of motion. Choose any of the exercises in the guide or add your own.

Strides: Next you will do some strides or striders to start activating your muscles for the faster work ahead of you.

Focus on proper form: -Proper stride length -Slight angle at the ankle -Head, shoulders, back, calf, and foot aligned -Land on the ball or middle of your foot -Use your arms to drive forward

Main set: workouts will have work intervals and rest intervals. Generally, the rest interval will be the same duration as the work interval. Sets can also work different physiological aspects.

Types of Main Sets can include Pyramid, Building Speed, Mile Repeats, etc.

Running on a track should be used sparingly. Your training plan will call for speed work early in the season or during the build phase in your training to increase speed & your anaerobic capacity.

The recovery interval is what allows the body to adapt to the higher stressed place on the body. It is important to keep the rest interval as prescribed. The fitter you become the quicker you recover.

Using your foot pod to monitor cadence around 90 strides per minute will teach your body to run more efficiently. Using the HR Monitor keeps you from overworking or underworking.

Various workouts can be done at the track, but it is important that the workout be carried out as prescribed. Doing too much or not doing enough recovery can cause injury.

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