How to properly light a premium cigar

How to properly light a premium cigar

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Mastering the art of properly lighting a cigar will impress upon people that you can handle anything in life that requires attention to detail.

It isn't as easy as lighting a cigarette but it is a lot more refined and it is a lot more enjoyable in my opinion!

Get a premium cigar, not a cheap throw-away like Swisher Sweets or Black n Mild, here I have a Joya de Nicaragua.

Take your cutter. I have a Xicar Guillotine, because it allows for easy cutting action.

And your flame source. I gave a Alec Bradley tabletop, but you can use matches and even a bic, but I wouldn't advise it, because some say it adds adverse gas flavor to the cigar.

If you do have a bic, you can get inexpensive cedar sticks and use the same as you would a wood match. And can be used in the same way as my torch.

As you can see it has a nice even burn to it , this is the effect that you're looking for

Enjoy. There is nothing finer than a premium cigar to relax after a hard day. Relax my friend, possibly with a couple of your friends!!!

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