How to do ombré glitter on your nails

How to do ombré glitter on your nails

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Gather supplies - you need a base coat, a solid color, a glittery color, a top coat, and a few make up sponge wedges.

Paint all of your nails with a base coat. Once it's dry, put on two coats of your solid color. I had to use more because my nail polish was kinda see through.

Paint a few drops of your glittery nail polish onto a plastic bag. I put the bag around a box. Then, take your make-up sponge and dip it in the glitter. Dab it once or twice on the plastic.

Stamp the glitter on your nail - the first time, you'll want to go about three quarters of the way down your nail.

Stamp the glitter on your nails again, this time going half way down the nail.

Stamp the glitter on one more time, this time only on the tip of the nail. Wait for it to dry, add a top coat, and you're done!

From left to right: 1.PRO-FX ridge filler. 2.Sation - "Holiday Golightly" 3.Sally Hansen Hard As Nails - Golden-I 4.Rimmel - Base Coat Top Coat Pro

Thanks for looking at my guide :) I will be doing more nail tutorials soon!

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