How to draw a quick eye

How to draw a quick eye

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This tutorial is no heavy duty book about all the specifics on how to draw an eye. It's only for some quick doodles and sketches.

Everyone's eye has that lumpy shape near the corner of the eye that's closer to the nose. An eye is not just a circle or an oval. The rest of the shape of the eye depends on the person you're drawing.

The complete iris is not exposed. Usually, the top part of it is covered and the bottom is the same.

The pupil goes right in the middle and is very dark.

Start to work around the pupil for the eye color.

The edges of the iris are of a similar darkness as the part around the pupil.

Fill in the rest with a shade that matches the eye color.

You can add a gleam or shine to make it a bit more realistic.


Eyelashes are pretty much self explanatory. Make sure to have them follow the path of the eyelid. Make it look natural:)

Add the bottom lashes as well. They are usually shorter.

Now lets erase the non eye shapes that I added.....

There ya go! Same for the other side of course:)

Watch the video: How to draw a Eye Drawing step by step. Pencil Sketch. Hyper Realistic Eye. Drawing Step by Step


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