How to use and clean an italian stove cafetiere

How to use and clean an italian stove cafetiere

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This is the cafetiere broken down by unscrewing the main chamber and removing the coffee filter. So, on the picture there is the water chamber,coffee filter/holder, and the top chamber.

Firstly,fill the bottom chamber with freshly drawn water, whilst doing so make sure that the water is below the safety valve (the black spot in the chamber on the photo). Wash this before filling it.

Before using the filter and continuing to the next step make sure the filter is clean,and if it isn't,your coffee wont be very nice.

Depending on how many cups and the strength of the final product add your ground coffee,for one cup, I usually fill it about 1/4 full. If you are unsure, experiment with it.

In this step,place the coffee filter with your coffee inside the water chamber,it should fit snug, like this one, also check that the coffee isn't anywhere else other than the coffee filter.

Now, screw the top chamber onto the one with water in it,make sure it is a tight fit,but don't make it too tight as this will make it harder when you have to clean it.

Place the cafetiere onto the hob/stove and put it on a low to medium heat,make sure that the flames are smaller than the base of the cafetiere. If not, the stove could burn the handle.

Keep looking every now and then at the spout as this is where the coffee will come out,if you fail to do this it could result in spillages.

The coffee will steadily come out of the spout when the chamber is about 3/4 full turn the stove off and close the lid.

Your coffee is now ready to serve! Before moving onto cleaning,let the cafetiere cool first.

To clean the cafetiere, unscrew the two chambers again and remove the filter with the used coffee grains,clean the bottom chamber, the top chamber and the coffee filter as well.

When cleaning the top chamber do not disregard the second filter underneath,this needs to be cleaned as well, when cleaning use warm water and soap if you wish.

You have now completed the guide, just dry and screw the cafetiere together again and you have finished, thank you for reading this guide,please like and share.

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