How to rinse your sinuses

How to rinse your sinuses

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Fill the pot with warm water. My pot has a capacity of 444 ml. It is crucial to use water that's warm but not hot. It should feel comfortably warm when testing with your hand.

Add salt. Just use regular cooking salt. For my pot the amount is 4g salt (on 444ml water). With the right temperature and the right amount of salt there will be no irritation whatsoever!


Blow into the nozzle until bubbles come up. This will mix the salted water with the pure water that still resides in the nozzle.

Rinse your sinuses with 1/2 the pot. Breath through your mouth. Make sure your wife doesn't watch.

Double check nobody's watching. Let the rest of the water rinse your nose. Close the other nostril with your finger so the water comes out of your mouth. Repeat Steps 5 and 6 with the other nostril.

Bow down and slowly tilt your head so the remaining water can come out. Blow gently!

Expert tip: fill a small plastic bottle with the water solution. Bow till your head touches the ground (it should be upside down now) and release the water into one nostril. Breathe slowly.

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