How to cook cider sea scallop appetizers

How to cook cider sea scallop appetizers

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Peal the shallots

Cut them into small pieces

Prepare the apples, cut into pieces (leave the skin or not.. Up to you

Have a bottle of French dry cider

Cut carrots and celery into pieces

Add the carrots and celery

Add apples

Add cider

Cook all together for 2h

Sauce reducing

Prepare a filter and a bowl to filter the sauce

Filter the sauce

Keep the pulp and mix it with a spoon

Of crème fraiche

Mix the mixed pulped and the filtered sauce

The sauce is now done. We will add it to the scallops to cook in grill position in the oven

Prépare crushed walnuts for the butter

Mix melted butter with walnuts

Wash the scallop

Dry them on a paper towel

Space the scallops separated, and not close to each other

Add a half tea spoon of walnut butter on the top of each scallop

Looking like this

Cook 8-10 min on grill position

That's it ,!!! Bon appetit !!'

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