How to cook venison civet a la french

How to cook venison civet a la french

Marinade: cut the meat in pieces and put all ingredients in a pot, fill up with red wine until the meat is swimming :).

Filter the wine and the meat

And put aside the meat and veggies

And cook the meat pieces little by little

Bring the marinade to boil for 30 min .. A white foam will form, it is the alcohol evaporating..

Mix everything together

Let s reduce under low heat cover up to 3h

After 3h reduction, let it rest for 24h

After the first round of cooking

Put aside some cold sauce, to use with blood sausage or maize a as a tickener

Blood sausage will be used to thicken the sauce

Remove the skin of the blood sausage .. Mix the sausage with the sauce put aside

Warm up the civet... Do not worry if the meat start to decompose... It will be even better

The civet with potatoes!!

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