How to cook red bean soup

How to cook red bean soup

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Wash and leave red bean in water for 20 minutes

Then take the red bean to a pot and add water to about 3 cm over the red bean,then boil them.

Wait about 5 minutes after boiled,the water will turn in to steam and only leave 1 cm over red beans. Add have pot of water in and boil it up.

After boiled , turn the fire to middle and leave the pot of water boiled softly for about 45 minutes,and the pot should be half covered with lid to let the steam out.

You should set the bell of timer in order to prevent forgetting the boiling pot.

In the 30 minute of boiling , put the ice sugar in.

Wait for 15 more minutes ,the red bean soup will be finished.the red bean looks like flower and tastes soft.hope you all enjoy the traditional Chinese desserts.

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