How to make decorative paper baskets

How to make decorative paper baskets

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Prepare your 2 sheets of square paper. In this case, I used gift wrapping paper because of the pretty prints. :)

Set the other one aside. We're working on one square for now.

Fold in half horizontally.

Then fold vertically.

Fold inwards to close horizontically.

Then open and do the same vertically.

It should end up looking like this.

Repeat for all four. It should look like this.

Fold open each flap, but not completely.

Do for all four, and you should end up having something like this.

Fold the bottom up like the photo. (This is why you don't fold the flap completely)

Once again, repeat for all four.

Again, repeat for all four. :)

Set them aside and take your other square sheet.

Repeat everything from step 3 to 16.

You should have something that looks like this.

It should look like this if you've down the previous steps correctly.

Grab your rectangular strip of paper.

Just fold it little by little.

Insert one end of the strip on slit, and the other on the other side.


Maybe put a rose inside?

I realize my paper is too thin, so the side pieces may fall easily. You might want to use thicker paper. Enjoy!

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