15 Snap & Fancy DIY Christmas Ornament and Decoration Ideas

15 Snap & Fancy DIY Christmas Ornament and Decoration Ideas

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Do you want to fulfill your life with Christmas spirit? Check these DIY Christmas ornament and decoration ideas to craft your self-made trim around.

Fasten your seatbelts, Christmas is knocking on the door. The whole world is now ready to be decorated by angels, bells, stockings, candles, wreaths, candy canes and surely Santas as well. Christmas traditions and celebrations do vary in every country. But most common traditional figures, patterns, and objects are almost the same everywhere like trimming and lighting Christmas trees, hanging advent wreaths, bells, Christmas stockings, candles, angels, raindeers, candy canes, snowflakes and much more.

You might want to give a house party, gifting your own-made crafts or just trim your Christmas tree. Or you just don't have an extra budget to cover all of the gifts you want to give. You may be just looking for DIY projects to enjoy with your kids or spend some time with crafting.

Here are some 15 cute, fancy DIY Christmas decoration and ornament ideas which are truly easy to do and totally wallet-friendly!

1. Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments

[Image Source: Pinterest]

Tie ribbon scraps on a piece of stick, trim the ribbon into the shape of a Christmas tree. Use different colors to create different sized ones.

2. SnowFlake by Old Newspaper and Magazines

[Image source: Pinterest]

The only thing you should do is cutting some papers and folding them. After fixing them with some glue, you can paint the sides by glitter glue as well.

3. Crown Cap Snowman

[Image source: Pinterest]

Dye old crown caps, draw a basic face and tie with some ribbons. Ta-da!

4. Cinnamon Christmas Tree

[Image source: Pinterest]

Cinnamon sticks are awesome. Just stick some all green branch, trim into a triangle and add a few old button.

5. Scrabble Tile Ornament

[Image source: Pinterest]

If you already lost a few letters of the game, just write something cute, stick each other.

6. A Fake Chimney

[Image source: Pinterest]

If you could find same-sized cargo boxes around, just stick them into a chimney shape, and paint bricks on. You can install the gift boxes underneath as well.

7. Coffee-Filter Snowflakes

[Image source: Pinterest]

Cut beautiful symmetric snowflake patterns in a few steps by cutting coffee filters or cupcake papers.

8. Birdseed Christmas Ornaments by Musli and Nuts

[Image source: Pinterest]

Snow is a romantic pattern but a big deal for the birds. Hanging a Christmas birdseed means a lot.

9. Popsicle Snowflakes

[Image source: Pinterest / agirlandagluegun]

The process is only three steps; cut, stick and paint, if you like. You would even like to keep them on during the year!

10. Button spheres

[Image source: Pinterest]

Sending or giving Christmas cards is such a nice tradition. And if it is hand-made, it makes it priceless. You can use your old tiny buttons as hanged spheres or stick them into a Christmas tree, however you like.

11. Penny Wreath

[Image source: Pinterest]

Stick pennies each other and hang them on your door as a wreath by adding a red ribbon on it. Bling bling!

12. Button Christmas Tree

[Image source: UKLassInUs]

Rank different sized buttons on a wire and fold, add some ribbons and hang it on!

13. Fingerprint Snowmen Ornament

[Image source: MissLassy]

If you like to hang your future's handprint on your Christmas tree, paint the entire hand of your kid, and tell him to hold it.

14. Ice Cream Stick Angels

[Image source: Pinterest]

By only cutting the different sized of ice cream sticks, sticking them together and drawing a face. You might also make the wings by aluminium paper.

15. Tea Light Snowman

[Image source: Bloglovin]

Tea lights are awesome, easy fitting and inspiring. Just by adding a few black dot for the mouth and eyes, a tiny bit ribbon. Maybe a little bit red pipe cleaner.

Featured Image Courtesy: UKLassInUs

Written by Tamar Melike Tegün

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