Someone Built a Robotic Lego Burger King Dispenser, and It's Insane

Someone Built a Robotic Lego Burger King Dispenser, and It's Insane

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Building things out of Lego is every engineer's favorite past-time, but you probably never built something quite as impressive as an automatic burger king dispenser. YouTube's AstonishingStudios is the builder behind many robotic dispensers, and his newest whopper dispenser is nothing short of amazing. The machine accepts real money and dispenses Lego fries, a Lego burger and real Coca-Cola. Check it out below.

The inside of this Lego robot is powered by the classic Lego Mindstorms modules and motors. While these robotics are just Lego, they are so versatile and impressive that they are used even at the collegiate level to teach programming and robotics. The one perplexing thing about this dispenser is that even though it is really only for personal use, it still costs money. I guess nothing is ever free, is it?

[Image Source: Astonishing Studios]

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